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Review in the Magazin "Gitarre und Bass" summer 2008

The band's name is "TRAFO", the title of the album is "Trafism",
and the Viennese guitar quartets banner is to interprete
television series signations in a freestyle and instrumental way.
It's rare that such off-beat, eccentric music is played with humor,
however Janka, Pabst and their colleges are doing just that brilliantly.
Their version of Magnum PI is simply a big hit. The output
of the quartet (plus guest Noel Akchoté) is authentic, entertaining,
cool and always sympathetically oblique. To sum it all up:
Rock'n Roll!

price €16,- (buy here)

Label and Distribution: Extraplatte: EX 812-2 (EAN: 9005346181223)

chris janka - emanuel preuschl - daniel pabst - claudius jelinek


jazzzeit/jan/feb 2008

concerto 2/2006/autor: alfred krondraf

standard/15.2.2006/autor: andreas felber

concerto 4/2005/autor: alfred krondraf

jazzzeit/2005/autor: christian bakonyi

skug/2005/autor: marko markovic

skug 2/2005/autor: marko markovic


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